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Pricing Structure for Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Services

Pricing of services is a very sensitive issue as it involves comprehensive understanding of the total scope of work. It also depends on project volume, turnaround time and the complexity of the work. However, some preliminary information of our pricing approach is given below:

Hourly Approach:
We charge you an hourly fee for all your projects. Here, you have the flexibility of being billed for the actual number of hours worked on. This is ideally suited for your high but fluctuating outsourcing needs.

Project Based Approach:
We will provide the required budget and time frame after reviewing your project details. When you agree to the project estimates and working plan, the project implementation phase will begin. This approach is preferable for medium and large-scale projects where the project timeline and budget are fixed.

Man Month Arrangement:
In this model, our development, design, and testing staff work as a virtual extension of your team. We offer you our Man Month arrangement. In such an arrangement, we dedicate as many employees as you may require for working exclusively for your company on a full time basis (8 hrs a day, 5 days a week i.e. 160 hours a month).

Please note that all prices on the site are only indicative. The actual rates will change depending on the type of the project, complexity of work, skill and experience of the resource, terms of contract and some other factors.

We make every effort to keep all information on the site accurate and up-to-date and keep the pricing constant, but at times we might need to increase or decrease the pricing of our services. Final pricing for a project can differ from the quoted price on the site.

If you have any queries about our pricing structure please feel free to contact us.