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Electrical Design and Drafting Services

MEP Design Services.com is India's dedicated outsourcing Electrical Design and Drafting Services Company offering superlative and quality Electrical Designs. End-to-end approach of delivering high-quality services and matching the electric logic diagrams with electric wires in a 3D space systems defined by 3D CAD is one of the primary objective.

As a proven leader in Electrical Design and Drafting Services, MEP Design Services.com is able to create and manage electrical schematic layout and PCB designs for all sorts of electrical and electronic equipment with ease. Licensed tools are utilized to customize designs and improve electrical layout.

Recent Project Samples:

3D MEP Services

3D MEP Services

3D MEP Services

3D MEP Services

3D Plumbing Services

3D Plumbing Services

MEP Detail in Revit

MEP Detail in REvit

By grasping the logic information which has been obtained from the user geometrical information from the CAD system, these services are of utmost importance to create harnesses. Needless to mention that be components like PCBs, controls, drives, gauges are needed to be connected to create harnesses.

We provide Electrical Design and Drafting Services include:

  • Designing of Light Fixture Layout which evolves Normal, Emergency, Critical and Life Safety
  • Panel design of power distribution
  • Lighting Distribution Panel design
  • Electrical system design for Machinery and Equipments
  • Designing of Life safety and Emergency Panel
  • Electrical system design for Machinery and Equipments
  • Design of Lighting, power distribution and fire protection System
  • Electrical wiring design for all kind of buildings and structures

We have been exceptionally renowned in the Electrical Services such as:

  • Construction of single line diagrams
  • Cable schedule, sizing and support design
  • Electrical schematics
  • Panel and switch room layouts
  • Component selection
  • Bill of materials
  • Technical documentation
  • Panel specification
  • Cost estimates

We are not limited to the aforementioned services and our team of experts would love to explore more in this dimension. All the electrical design and electrical drafting services offered are completely pocket friendly.

Contact us and get one stop solutions of electrical design and drafting services.